Mahabat Maqbara :- Amazing Gothic structure in Islamic domes

Amazing Gothic  structure in Islamic domes, the somewhat European large windows...all together!

Amazing Gothic structure in Islamic domes, the somewhat European large windows…all together!

in last year 2013 i passed Junagadh three time, and one makbara seen on left side on the way to somnath, it is eye catching,   every time was thinking once i will click it and will write on it.

Entering the town, I got a feeling this is a place that somehow seems to dwell in its past. The name ‘Junagadh’ comes from the words ‘juna’ and ‘gadh’ (meaning old fort) and all that is old about Junagadh greets you, somehow undermining all efforts of modernization.


A visitor is tempted to live off the history that every turn in every street offers in this town in south western Gujarat.

just watch the columns.. its wow

just watch the columns.. its wow

The history of Junagadh can be traced back to 250 BC, and when you drive into this sleepy town, it belies the turbulence of being through sieges over 800 years. Before acceding to Indian rule, the last rulers of Junagadh were the Nawabs of Babi Dynasty (1749 – 1949 AD). Ruled by the Nawabs, Junagadh was a princely state during the time the British Raj
I knew nothing much about the Nawabs of Junagadh before i came in Gujrat – yes, I agree, I was a lousy student of history.!!!!!  For me, that trip was only shown me lions and Gir forest, but this photo-shoot is become good SALAD before great lunch !!!

M Khan Makbara 65Muslim rulers have been in Junagadh since the fourteenth century, and from the mid-eighteenth until Independence, Junagadh was under the rule of the Babi nawabs, and heard lots of

the last nawab, the ninth one, Mahabat Khanji III, famous in India and buried in Pakistan. he loves dogs and worked loves to save lions of gir
 (he had some 300 of them I believe, and used to throw birthday parties for them!!!!!).
and his name is same to nawab  Mohammad Mahabat Khanji II, 
the sixth nawab whose tomb is eye catching anyway Mahabat Makbara is  Post Medieval Construction Located in city of Junagadh, Gujarat State, India

Mohammad Mahabat Khanji II', the Nawab of Junagarh, with young, Mohammad Bahadur Khanji III

Mohammad Mahabat Khanji II’, the Nawab of Junagarh, with young, Mohammad Bahadur Khanji III

An excellent specimen of Islamic architecture in Indian environment
Construction was started in AD.1878, by the sixth Nawab “Mohammad Mahabat Khanji II” and completed in AD. 1892 by the sevent Nawab “Mohammad Bahadur Khanji III” it is said that The expenditure to totaled 3,97,694,11.00 Annas

M Khan Makbara 35In that mukbara  it buried among others nawab are 1882 – 1892 Mohammad Bahadur Khanji III (Seventh Nawab) 1892 – 1911 : Mohammad Rasul Khanji (Eighth Nawab) and yes 1851 – 1882 : Mohammad Mahabat Khanji II (Sixth Nawab) too

This building is in the middle of the old city; one of the highly congested areas, today. The building however, is so imposing that it is quite impossible to miss it. The tomb is an architectural masterpiece that has come out of a mixture of Hindu,

M Khan Makbara 59

Moorish (Medieval Morroco) and European influences and is very remarkable. It is also probably the best preserved monument from the Babi Nawab’s period. The structure is quite traditional with a central domed hall, flanked by four minarets along four corners. The minarets have external stairways that spiral in opposite directions to maintain symmetry and creates a stunning effect. On its side, stand the Jama Masjid and Vazir’s Maqbara, which itself is also a remarkable piece of architecture.
M Khan Makbara 52The building has some very unusual features very uncommon in India. anyone  can see on the sides of the doors and windows many Gothic columns and the windows themselves are styled like french windows, from floor to lintels. Some of the carvings are also noteworthy. Mahabat Maqbara is one of the neglected tourist sights, but definitely worth a visit.


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